dormiente Natural Mattresses Futons Beds GmbH

A history of the company’s evolution in small but steady steps always in line with our principle:

We founded dormiente GmbH in 1988 in the state of Hesse as a manufacturer of natural mattresses. From the very start the focus of the business was on manufacturing healthy mattresses whilst also considering social and environmental criteria. Having been trained as biologists we were naturally very keen to incorporate health and environmental aspects and values into our young business. This was a way to translate our training, knowledge and skills into real life and to continue to build on them.

The mattresses were to be made in Germany from pure, sustainable natural materials and meet high standards on orthopaedic demands. They were also to be made in accordance with social and environmental principles.

To achieve this, a lot of expert know-how was required and great powers of self-assertion. Because, during these early days even just the use of natural materials raised eyebrows, never mind insisting on sustainability and clean, unpolluted materials. People suspected that green dreamers and tree-huggers were at work here!

In the beginning truly clean and un-polluted raw materials, such as pure new wool, were impossible to come by. Contaminated raw materials came as standard! This is why dormiente focussed on persistently and comprehensively testing and checking all raw materials for chemical residues and contamination. The aim was to get suppliers to change their operating behaviour. This approach required much consistency and tenacity because, to start with, we had to find out what kind of cocktail of pesticides, herbicides and fungicides was used in the growing and processing of the materials.

Today it feels good to see that all this pioneering work has yielded results and that positive change can be achieved, even if it is just by individuals taking small steps. For our company and our products this means:

  • For 25 years dormiente has been synonymous with comfortable and healthy sleep. We manufacture natural mattresses that provide an orthopaedic correct base to sleep on by cleverly combining our bio-medical expertise with the technical advantages of natural materials. This does not only apply to our natural mattresses but also to our extensive range of solid wood bed frames and divans. Our box spring divan beds, too, are made from natural materials without the use of conventional and potentially harmful metal springs – again, everything rigorously tested for chemical residues.

  • Over 25 years of stringent checks of raw materials give you confidence that only the cleanest and purest raw materials are used in the dormiente manufacturing process.
  • Over 25 years our motto has been: sleeping really well. Concretely this means that, additional to sleeping only on pure, clean raw materials, also the highest standards on orthopaedic demands need to be met. One of the most important requirements for developing truly healthy mattresses was and is the knowledge of what the human body needs for healthy sleep. Looking at the human body and its fundamental needs in a holistic manner has to be focus in order to attain sound sleep.
  • Over 25 years of know-how in the field of creating a  balanced micro-climate for natural mattresses and natural box spring beds means that you will be neither too cold nor too hot. Because creating the optimal micro-climate was always at the forefront of our concerns and research.
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