Manufactory work

Natural Mattresses from the Manufacturer:

dormiente have been making natural mattresses, futons, solid wood bed frames since 1981 in addition to making bedding products such as slats, pillows and duvets. Manufacturing takes place in Germany and according to strict criteria relating to health, orthopaedic suitability, ecology and sustainability. This has made dormiente into one of the industry leaders in the very special ‘natural mattress’ niche market. The health of the end user, along with the sustainable production of the raw materials, has been the focus of the development of our products since the very beginning.

Mattresses Manufactory

Additionally, of course, we pay attention to modern design, great functionality plus durability of our latex mattress made only from natural latex. All the raw materials we use – 100% natural latex, pure new wool, coconut fibres, pure certified organic cotton fabrics, horsehair, camelhair and cashmere – are extensively checked for chemical residues.

Mattresses Manufactory

We are a medium sized manufacturing company who make their products in Germany. We make all our top quality natural mattresses in the state of Hesse using both traditional manufacturing by hand and high tech electronic equipment. In order to be able to offer mattresses that can mould to a multitude of body shapes and weights, we use state of the art CNC-Machines to contour the latex used in the cores of our mattresses. We only use 100% natural latex which then gets combined with other natural materials such as pure wool or camelhair. From an orthopaedic perspective natural latex certainly is the best material to use in a mattress. For adults we offer 3 mattress ranges: NATURAL BASIC, NATURAL CLASSIC and NATURAL DELUXE. We also offer a range of mattresses for children and young people.

Solid Wood Bed Frames from the Manufacturer:

dormiente has been making solid wood bed frames for more than 25 years. These frames are made in Germany in a modern manufacturing facility. They are made by people whose concept of quality is defined by combining their traditional carpentry training with using efficient and advanced machinery.

Solid Wood Bed Manufactory

Many of our bed frames are made to highly sophisticated designs. This is why equally cutting edge CNC-machining centres are required to precision cut the solid wood into the often complicated shapes.

Solid Wood Bed Manufatory

Technical know-how for programming these machines is needed but, of course, also the skill and experience of our master carpenters. After all, every type of solid wood – and we offer a wide range of them – behaves differently when machined. All of the wood we use comes from sustainable-certified sources. By insisting on this we make sure the wood is not compromised in aspects of either origin or sustainability. Treating the surfaces of the wood is done exclusively by hand. This way the best aesthetic and also sensory effect is achieved. Just touch one of our bed frames and you will know what we mean!

We obtain the solid wood used in our bed frames from a sustainable- and FSC-certified supplier in Germany.

Divan Beds from the Manufacturer:

For more than 25 years the issue of ‘healthy sleep’ has been the focus of our attention. Originally this only meant concentrating on mattresses, in our case, natural mattresses.

Over time as we learnt more about the topic we quickly realised that we would have to consider the entire sleep environment. What good is a natural mattress that is free from any chemical residues when the context in which it is used, in other words, the rest of the bed has been made from materials that are potentially harmful to people’s health? From there it is an easy transition to also thinking about ‘clean’ divan and box spring beds. This is exactly what we have done and in the course of doing so have acquired a lot of expertise and know-how.

Divan Bed Manufactory

For starters we were able to tap into our knowledge about raw materials, e.g., certified organic wool or cotton. We already knew how to use these materials in an effective manner that would, for instance, improve the micro-climate for sleeping in. In our facilities in Hesse we are now manufacturing many different types of divan and box spring beds. All made from top quality raw materials and without the use of metal springs, so that you can enjoy high degrees of comfort and utility without compromising your health. We believe that a healthy micro-climate, thoroughly checked toxin free raw material with a beautiful touch and feel, a sturdy construction and the ability to comfortably recline and sleep are true values to cherish. We’d be delighted if you agreed with us.