Vegan bedding made from Tencel® - Cellulose

Lyocell, Viscose and Tencel® - as a trademark owned by the company Lenzing - are all names given to a fibre whose chemical name is Cellulose. Cellulose is a natural component in almost all plants that serves as structural building material. Cellulose fibres are harvested from the timber of different types of trees. The cellulose present in Tencel® is primarily derived from beech wood. It is synthetically extracted and –as a liquid - pressed through spinnerets to form extra-fine filaments. Hence Tencel®-Fibres are not primary natural fibres but synthetically produced fibres using a natural material – wood – as source. Tencel® fibres feel smooth with a cool touch. They are soft and can easily absorb moisture. Tencel® can also easily be washed and cleaned.