Our quality symbols

Tested for chemical residues

The raw materials we use are rigorously tested for chemical residues.
You can view these results here.

Certified and tested

QUL is an association of producers and trading companies with the purpose of promoting the use of natural latex in mattresses and presenting its benefits to a broader public.

Checked and tested materials

Our pure new wool and almost all other fabrics (apart from the upholstery fabrics) are obtained from a GOTS certified supplier.

From certified organic cultivation

We use cotton from certified organic cultivation. Apart from obtaining a very pure textile fibre, gentle, organic cultivation enhances and improves the soil and the environment. Despite being a mono-culture, if cotton is grown organically, biodiversity in and around the soil increases and water remains clean. Additionally, the organic certification also includes welfare standards that ensure more humane and socially responsible working practices for the people growing the cotton.

100% Natural Latex

100% natural latex possesses the ideal qualities for mattress cores: a high all-point elasticity for optimal body contouring and orthopaedic support, an open pored structure for healthy air circulation, and effective durable elasticity for a long product life. Also when it comes to the production of latex, natural latex has clear advantages: Natural latex is made from natural rubber, a renewable resource and is free from CFCs, solvents and chemical softeners. Additionally a mattress made from natural latex requires only about 10% of the energy needed to make a synthetic foam mattress.

From certified organic husbandry

Pure new wool from certified organic husbandry is super soft and cuddly. The sheep - kept in high animal welfare conditions- are repaying their farmers by supplying top quality wool. When you go to bed it is the excellent temperature and moisture balancing qualities of this wool that you will immediately notice. Certified organic husbandry not only ensures the welfare of the animals but also the quality and purity of the food given to them. You can be sure therefore, that the wool from these sheep is really ‘clean’. Test by the Eco-Institute in Cologne, which we commission, confirm this.

Traditional manufacturing

Traditional manufacturing processes ensure highest levels of quality are achieved as standard. The skilled eyes and hands of our mattress specialists notice and put right even small discrepancies.

5 years guarantee

We have confidence in the durability of our products. This is why we are happy to offer a 5-year guarantee on our products with a clean conscience!

Handmade in Germany

All our natural mattresses are carefully made by hand at our manufacturing facilities in Heuchelheim, Hesse, Germany. Quality and attention to detail that show!