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A natural latex mattress always supports you where you need it.

To say one is ‘lying comfortably’ is foremost a description of a pleasant feeling – a feeling that everything fitsand nothing detracts. This state of comfort can only be attained if your mattress is perfectly aligned to your body. Therefore, your mattress needs to mould to your body, not the other way round! When body and mattress are optimally matched your spine isable to rest in its natural position leaving your discs free from tension and pressure. In this state your discs can successfully regenerate overnight.

Optimal alignment of body and mattress has otheradvantages, too: due to a balanced distribution of bodyweight you will experience much less direct pressure on individual parts of your body such as hips or shoulders. Hips and shoulders need to sink into the mattress sufficiently in order not to be subjected to excessive pressure. This enhances blood circulation of the skin and surrounding tissue. Absence of pressure on the body leads to relaxation of the back muscles. At the same time your whole body remains supported so that your natural movements during sleep are not impeded. Comfortable sleep equals healthy sleep!

dormiente natural mattresses are made from 100% natural latex which offers the benefit of unsurpassed all-point elasticity. This very unique quality of this excellent natural material ensures that natural latex can optimally trace the contours of your body while still allowing free movement. Discs that are free from pressure are much better able to regenerate themselves during sleep than discs kept in an unhealthy posture.

By the way:

The IGR (Association of Back Posture Trainers) recommends our natural latex mattress NATURAL CLASSIC ORTHOFORM FEMALE and MALE in conjunction with our patented slatted base PHYSIOFORM as an ERGONOMICALLY EFFECTIVE PRODUCT to help with the regeneration of the spine.

Equally convincing is also the test result of the LGA (a German Technical Control Board): 99 OUT OF 100 POSSIBLE POINTS awarded to the ORTHOFORM FEMALE and MALE (tested in size 90 x 200cm with standard cover VERSION 4).

Top quality natural raw materials from sustainable sources strictly tested for chemical residues

No disruptive impacts, such as electro-static charges, on wellbeing

Superior all-point elasticityto contour to the shape of your bodyand to support the spine

Excellent micro-climate and ventilation thanks to open pored natural latex foam

We wont leave you in the cold when if you´re too hot

It is the ‘micro-climate’ in your bed that is responsible for your comfort and well-being and the quality of your sleep. This micro-climate is dependent on how the moisture each of us generates every night is absorbed by our mattress and duvet. At the very least your mattress and duvet should be capable of absorbing moisture - that evaporates through your skin as vapour - before it has a chance to condense on your body. Otherwise you run the risk of sweating followed by cooling down and then inevitably waking up.

We have built optimal climate conditioning into our mattresses. We do this by using natural materials such as pure organic wool and cotton both for the cover materials and also the quilting. These materials are naturally able to absorb, retain and isolate vapours. For climate control this makes them superior to synthetic materials such as polyester and polyamide.

Another important benefit of, e.g., pure wool is the material’s low propensity to become electro-statically charged. In the centre of our mattresses we use 100% natural latex cores with their open pore structure and vertical air ducts which provide excellent air exchange from the inside. Accumulation of heat or moisture is thus avoided. All of this makes for a comfortable and healthy micro-climate to sleep in, not least because it also prevents the formation of mould in or around the mattress.

Did you know

that during sleep we lose up to 750 ml of moisture? Imagine, this is approx. the content of a bottle of mineral water!

Our quilting materials

Certified organic cotton
Certified organic wool

No disruptive impacts, such as electro-static charges, on wellbeing

Top quality natural raw materials from sustainable sources strictly tested for chemical residues

Excellent micro-climate and ventilation thanks to open pored natural latex foam

You set the standards. We put ourselves to the test.

Do you own a product that is subjected to more prolonged and harder use than a mattress? Probably not, at least not over the same length of time. To ensure that a mattress can deliver what you expect of it is a matter of selecting the correct raw materials. The building blocks of a high quality mattress are top quality raw materials that are durable and possess all the properties that need to be present for a good night’s sleep.

We pay particular attention to only using clean, unpolluted raw materials which is why we have them tested regularly for chemical residues by an independent lab. The results of these test can be viewed at www.dormiente.com. Our mattresses – some of which have received numerous awards – are manufactured in Germany in our own facilities with the know-how of our experienced staff and our state of the art equipment.

100% NATURAL LATEX has these wonderful properties: a very high all-point elasticity to allow for an orthopaedic correct sleeping position; an open pore structure for excellent air circulation; and durable elasticity for effective and long lasting use.

PURE COTTON from certified organic agriculture (grown without pesticides and other harmful agricultural chemicals) is predominantly used for our mattress covers, either as elastic jersey or as sturdy drill fabric.

PURE NEW WOOL from certified organic husbandry offers optimal moisture absorption and release and a high warmth retention capacity. It also insulates well and is elastic. We use wool from a GOTS certified supplier.

LATEX COATED COCONUT FIBRE Used cleverly, this material offers high breathability, firm structure, excellent air exchange and flexible core structures. We use latex coated coconut fibres as a component in the cores of our firmer mattresses.

PRECIOUS HORSEHAIR Anti-rheumatic properties, elasticity and a good moisture and temperature balancing capability are the main benefits of this  precious natural material. It is particularly suited for people who perspire heavily.

Our pure new wool and almost all of our fabrics (apart from the upholstery fabrics) come from Global Organic Textile Standards certified suppliers

Certified and tested according to QUL standards

Top quality natural raw materials from sustainable sources strictly tested for chemical residues

The processing methods of the natural latex are certified in accordance with Fair Trade criteria

True regeneration. Switch off.

Because we want you to wake up feeling relaxed, we do not use any metal parts in our mattresses, such as springs. This is why our mattresses are electro-biologically neutral. Metal-springs in mattresses can not only interfere with electro-magnetic fields but can even create their own. These fields can negatively impact on your body’s immune system by putting your body under permanent stress. Even very small electro- magnetic fields can interfere with the highly sensitive processes in your brain which works with minuscule electronic impulses. If you are continuously exposed to such fields you may experience problems such as insomnia, headaches, tensions and even night sweats.  

Mattresses with metal-springs act similar to antennas: if your mattress is placed close to a piece of electronic equipment it not only can connect to the apparatus but can also spread the voltage throughout the mattress. This essentially turns your mattress into an antenna. Research has shown that the level of voltage measured in metal-sprung mattresses is often far too high. Under those ‘highly charged’ circumstances your body finds it almost impossible to truly relax. We refuse to use metal in our mattresses because we feel you have a right to relaxed and healthy sleep.

Did you know that almost all conventional boxspring beds are made with metal springs?
Starting on page 80 you will find boxspring and divan beds that are free from metal.

No disruptive impacts, such as electro-static charges, on wellbeing

Top quality natural raw materials from sustainable sources strictly tested for chemical residues

Excellent micro-climate and ventilation thanks to open pored natural latex foam

Trust in natural growth.

The great thing about natural mattresses is not only that they are excellent for healthy sleep but that they are also ‘healthy’ for the environment. Purely looking at it from an environmental perspective, a 100% natural latex mattress is a responsible choice. Compared to mattresses made from synthetic, petroleum- derived foams 100% natural latex mattresses have advantages:

They are made from natural rubber, a renewable resource, which is harvested in an environmentally sensitive way. The energy used to make a 100% natural  latex mattress is only 10% of the energy input needed to make a mattress from synthetic foam. It goes without saying that, additionally, natural latex is free from CFCs and solvents, and from plasticisers which are suspected carcinogens.

Another crucial argument for 100% natural latex is the fact that it is a plant-based, renewable resource of the finest quality. Natural latex is harvested in rubber tree plantations. These trees absorb the greenhouse gas CO2 and produce oxygen, which we all need to breathe. Almost as a side effect it also creates work and the supply of wood on site.

There is a big benefit also to using cotton from certified organic agriculture. Growing cotton organically not only benefits the actual cotton fibres, it also strengthens and protects the soil and the environment. Even when grown as a monoculture, organic cotton supports a much richer diversity of plants and animals in the soil. Furthermore no polluting effluents are generated, keeping the water clean. Additionally, the guidelines for organic agriculture also encompass social criteria for the workers on the cotton plantations, making their working and living conditions fairer, safer and healthier.

Pure wool from certified organic husbandry is extra cosy. The pure new wool used is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. The sheep are kept according to very high animal welfare standards. This in turn shows in the superb quality of the wool they produce. Their wool’s excellent ability to regulate moisture and temperature balance is what you will notice first. Sheep raised to organic standards are kept and fed naturally with their well-being in mind. The wool from organic sheep is ‘clean’. Tests by the Eco-Institute in Cologne confirm this.

ON SITE we regularly visit our suppliers to check up on their farming methods and working conditions. Here you see Dr. Plänker in Sri Lanka in 2014 on the rubber tree plantation of one of our suppliers.

Sustainable action for a healthier life – everywhere!