The Female/Male Concept

Because of its all-point elasticity 100% natural latex is excellent at tracing the contours of your body. However, for particularly sensitive people, the anatomical differences between the female and the male body frame need more thorough attention. This is why we have developed our FEMALE|MALE incision technique. In each of our range of mattresses we offer one mattress featuring a FEMALE|MALE option.

Anatomically speaking women and men differ fundamentally in their body shape. From an orthopaedic point of view, this is particularly apparent with regards to their shoulders, hips and overall body width. These differences are very pronounced in some people. This is where our FEMALE|MALE concept comes in. First we reduce the surface tension of the mattress by making fine cuts. This renders the mattress more responsive to body shape. Then we make more targeted deeper incision into the mattress core specific to either the typically female or male body shape. Men with very broad shoulders – or with shoulder sensitivities – will feel no tension when sleeping on their sides. Women with pronounced hips or suffering with a hollow back will suddenly experience optimal support during sleep.

The FEMALE-MALE CONCEPT – the ‘broken’ surface profile mattress core – ensures optimal body contouring. Targeted incisions made into the mattress surface create individual structures that move independent of each other. This further increases the already excellent all-point elasticity of 100% natural latex.

Women require a more nuanced dissolution of the mattress surface tension in the pelvic and hip area. In the FEMALE VERSION this is achieved through additional incisions in this section of the mattress.

Our MALE VERSION optimally supports the male pelvic area. In this version we consciously avoid the deeper incisions in the corresponding section of the mattress.