Futon á la Carte

Being a manufacturer, everything at dormiente is possible and you can personally create your own futon. Take your pick from the various tested raw materials to suit your individual requirements. Many different covers, either in a colour or un-dyed, are available. Layered and tacked by hand, we can make all shapes and sizes.

Would you like to use your own fabrics?
No problem! We can use them to make your very own individual futon. Of course, just like all our other products, we meticulously test these futons for any traces of chemical residues.

This is how to create your own futon

As the base for your futon we can offer you OPTION A, with four layers of pure organic cotton, or OPTION B, of pure new wool (certified organic upon request), both in a pure cotton drill cover. Now you can add our special “ingredients”. An example is shown below with a 6cm 100% natural latex core sandwiched between layers of horsehair to improve temperature and moisture regulation. This core is then placed in the centre of either option A or B. It is still possible to add, for instance, a layer of pure new organic wool to one side of the mattress for an extra cosy winter side. Now the futon is ready. If you like, you can purchase an additional washable or coloured cover for your futon.

Auf Wunsch erhalten Sie noch einen waschbaren Bezug als Extra, der auch farbig sein kann.

Basic Model-A Cotton

Cover drill (100% cotton)
Core Four layers of pure cotton à 1,000g/m2

Basic Model-B Pure New Wool

Cover drill (100% cotton)
Core Four layers à 500g/m2
pure new wool, certified organic quality by request

The Sample Menu

Basic Model-A with four layers of cotton + pure new wool + horsehair + Natural latex

The ingredients at a glance

Measurements technichal information (in cm, approx.)

Filling capacity e.g. 80/90 x 200
Cotton 1.000g/m2 (height 1,0)
Pure new wool
Organic pure new wool
500g/m2 (height 1,0)
500g/m2 (height 1,0)
Coconut 2.000g/m2 (height 1,0)
Horsehair 1.000g/m2 (height1,0)
Latex coated coconut fibres (height 2,5)
(height 5,0)
Natural latex (height 3,0)
(height 4,0)
(height 6,0)
Natural latex firm (height 3,0)
(height 4,0)
(height 6,0)