Natural mattresses series NATURAL KIDS
healthy and better sleep on natural materials

Healthy, restful sleep is especially important for children. Their organism is sensitive, they react acutely to outside influences, their bones are still soft, the spine not yet fully formed and the immune system is still developing. Sufficient sleep is one of the basic requirements for the healthy development of a child. A relatively firm mattress made from untreated natural materials, which is also responsive and properly supports the spine is ideal. Natural latex and latex coated coconut offer exactly these properties.

A thick layer of certified organic pure new wool is suitable as a top layer. It balances temperature, in other words, it diffuses heat and protects against overheating. It also optimally absorbs moisture given off by the body. This type of natural mattress offers a cosy, warm sleeping environment inducing feelings of security and calm.

AND: Being a self-cleaning and regenerating natural product, pure sheep’s wool can handle a bit of dirt.

  • manufactory production
  • made in Germany
  • long durability

  • removable, washable/cleanable covers
  • no disruptive electro-static impact
  • solutions for allergy sufferers

  • orthopaedic aligned core types

  • good climate regulation

NATURAL KIDS Natural mattresses

NATURAL KIDS Natural mattress

  • BENEFIT: Newborns first get a feeling of security on the natural latex side, after weight increase the latex coated coconut fibre side provides better climate regulation
  • Version with cotton cover:
    Children with allergic reaction to pet hair or family predisposition
  • good for children with high transpiration
  • front, side or back position
  • for babies and infants