Natural latex mattresses for children - NATURAL KIDS Frederic

Measurements, technical information (in cm, approx.)

Mattress height 8
Cover organic cotton drill, washable up to 60°C
Sizes 60x100 ǀ 70x140 ǀ 70x160
Core 100% natural latex (height 3), latex coated coconut fibres (height 2,5), sandwiched between 750g/m2 organic pure new wool, optionally sandwiched between 1,000g/m2 pure cotton
Firmness of latex medium soft ǀ medium firm
Inner cover tricot made of 100% organic cotton or 100% new wool

Particulary suitable for

  • BENEFIT: Newborns first get a feeling of security on the natural latex side, after weight increase the latex-coated coconut side provides better climate regulation
  • Version with cotton cover:
    Children with allergic reaction to pet hair or family predisposition
  • good for children with high transpiration
  • front, side or back position
  • for babies and infants

The plus points of the mattress

  • good climate regulation with fine pure new wool cover, optionally with cotton cover for allergy sufferers
  • one side point-elastic (100% natural latex), other side firm (latex coated fibres)
  • removable outer cover made of solid organic cotton drill (washable)
  • good internal ventilation for fresh bed climate
  • natural children mattress for babies and infants

Choose your personal climate zone
Removable and cleanable!

Climate zone cover SW

500g/m2 organic pure new wool quilting on both sides in a 80g/m2 pure organic cotton jersey fabric

  • perfect micro-climate in bed due to balanced temperature
  • finest pure new wool from organic husbandry
  • self-cleaning

Climate zone cover BW

500g/m2 pure organic cotton fleece quilting on both sides in a 80g/m2 pure organic cotton jersey fabric

  • ideal for people suffering from dustmite or animal hair allergies
  • pure plant fibre