Natur Pure Range of mattresses

It is always astonishing to observe the various competencies and characters that have emerged as a result of the evolution of nature. If you are aware of these competencies and strengths and know how to use them skilfully, it is easy to make healthy and sustainable products.

More than 30 years ago we began making use of nature’s competencies and started manufacturing our first natural mattresses. Sleep is not just sleep for us. We rather see it as a time of rest and regeneration for our body and hence as the source of energy for our daily life. This is why we attach such great importance to the bedframe, mattress, pillow and duvet – in other words, our sleep environment. Sustainable raw materials tested for chemical residues and chosen for their natural competencies form the basis of our products.

Our Natur Pur range is only available from selected retailers. Please check our Store-Locator to see which retailer in your area offers this range.

The very large part of our life we spend in bed should be comfortable and healthy. A respectful and sustainable use of nature and its resources is an important aspect for us when making this happen.

  • Hemp is better at absorbing moisture than cotton and can also release it quicker. This is why hemp is great for helping to balance the micro-climate in your bedroom.
  • Hemp fabrics are toxin free because, even when grown conventionally, the crop does not require any agricultural sprays.
  • Hemp is suitable for allergy sufferers as the fibre is resistant to moths and moulds.
  • Hemp has anti-static properties and is dirt-repellent.
  • Hemp can neutralise odours.
  • Hemp uses a lot less water in its growth than cotton and has a much smaller ecological footprint.
  • Hemp is seen as THE sustainable fibre of the future.
  • Horsehair creates a comfortable dry sleeping environment.
  • This precious upholstery material is temperature balancing and therefore ideally suited for use in summer and in winter.
  • Horsehair helps to ease suffering of people with skin problems and allergies (dust-mite, animal hair, neuro-dermatitis, psoriasis). Hence it takes the pressure off our immune system and helps strengthen it.
  • Horsehair protects from electro-static charge and helps to achieve relaxed sleep.
  • Natural healing practitioners report that horsehair can activate the energy centres (chakras) in the body which can then dissolve energy blockages. (Source: Moosburger Rosshaar-Manufaktur).
  • Horsehair is THE upholstery material par excellence.
  • Seaweed provides excellent air-conditioning of the bed room.
  • Seaweed protects the bedroom from rising cold and keeps it warm.
  • It is extremely suitable for allergy sufferers as no mites or moulds settle within it even after many years.
  • Dry seaweed is able to absorb and release up to 3 times its weight in moisture per day which makes it very suitable for people who perspire easily.
  • Seaweed contains large amounts of iodine, boron and silica, that are said to have very many benefits for health (Source: Die Strand-Manufaktur)
  • Seaweed is processed without the use of chemical additives and is therefore well suited for people with allergies.
  • It smells pleasantly of the seaside.
  • Seaweed is very sturdy and durable and it does not rot or go mouldy.

Reversible mattress

Turning the mattress enables different degrees of firmness to be used.


The special incision technique enables ergonomic sleeping positions and allows ideal body-contouring

Highest comfort during sleep

Achieved through optimally combining a balanced micro-climate with correct resting position.

Natural Latex

100% natural latex, harvested from the rubber tree, has excellent all-point elasticity. A special incision technique applied to the mattress core optimally supports your body and allows for ideal relief and regeneration of your spine