Natural mattress NATURAL BASIC NB 4

We have equipped our NATURAL BASIC line with everything a good mattress needs. No more but also no less! The best, sustainable raw materials are selected and checked for chemical residues and then form the basis for the quality mattresses certified by QUL. They incorporate all our values as to what makes a healthy, good mattress.

High all-point elasticity for effective body contouring and the selection of the appropriate natural materials for a comfortable micro-climate and electro-biological neutrality are the key criteria when it comes to getting the ingredients right for healthy, restful sleep. It is for those people who value all of the above, and who are looking for an attractively priced mattress, that we have developed our NATURAL BASIC line.

Measurements technical information (in cm, approx.)

Mattress height 16
Core latex coated coconut fibre (height 5), sandwiched between natural latex (height 4,5)
Firmness of mattress firm
Firmness of latex optionally medium or firm
Inner cover tricot made of 100% cotton

Particulary suitable for

  • people of above average weight (choose latex firmness option firm)
  • all people who prefer a firm, yet responsive feel
  • people who sleep on their front

The plus points of the mattress

  • responsive feel on first con-tact due to all-point elasticity of 100% natural latex
  • firm mattress with excellent ventilation of the inner core
  • offers firm, yet responsive base to sleep on
  • good warmth and insulation properties
  • effective balancing of moisture levels

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