Natural mattress NATURAL BASIC NB 4

We have equipped our NATURAL BASIC line with everything a good mattress needs. No more but also no less! The best, sustainable raw materials are selected and checked for chemical residues and then form the basis for the quality mattresses certified by QUL. They incorporate all our values as to what makes a healthy, good mattress.

High all-point elasticity for effective body contouring and the selection of the appropriate natural materials for a comfortable micro-climate and electro-biological neutrality are the key criteria when it comes to getting the ingredients right for healthy, restful sleep. It is for those people who value all of the above, and who are looking for an attractively priced mattress, that we have developed our NATURAL BASIC line.

Measurements technical information (in cm, approx.)

Mattress height 16
Core latex coated coconut fibre (height 5), sandwiched between natural latex (height 4,5)
Firmness of mattress firm
Firmness of latex optionally medium or firm
Inner cover tricot made of 100% cotton

Particulary suitable for

  • people of above average weight (choose latex firmness option firm)
  • all people who prefer a firm, yet responsive feel
  • people who sleep on their front

The plus points of the mattress

  • responsive feel on first con-tact due to all-point elasticity of 100% natural latex
  • firm mattress with excellent ventilation of the inner core
  • offers firm, yet responsive base to sleep on
  • good warmth and insulation properties
  • effective balancing of moisture levels

Cover options for this natural latex mattress


bonded jersey fabric made from 100% organic cotton, un-dyed, quilted with 500g/m2 organic pure new wool


with an outer cover of bonded jersey fabric made from approx. 71% organic cotton, 23% Tencel®, 3% kapok fibres, 2,5% PES, 0,5% elasthane (washable up to 60°C). To be combined with a climate zone cover of your choice.

Folgende Informationen beziehen sich nur auf die Bezugsvarianten WB1, WB2 und WB Drell.

Wählen Sie Ihr persönliches Bettklima
Abziehbar und Reinigungsfähig!

versteppter Innenbezug Schurwolle (SW)

500g/m2 Schurwolle (kbT), versteppt mit beidseitig 80g/m2 reinem Baumwolltrikot (kbA)

  • feinste Schurwolle aus kontrolliert biologischer Tierhaltung (kbT)
  • perfektes Bettklima durch gleichbleibende Temperatur
  • selbstreinigend

versteppter Innenbezug Baumwolle (BW)

500g/m2 reines Baumwollvlies, versteppt mit beidseitig 80g/m2 reinem Baumwolltrikot (kbA)

  • ideal bei Hausstaub- oder Tierhaarallergien
  • reine Pflanzenfaser

versteppter Innenbezug Tencel® (TC)

500g/m2 reines Lyocell (Tencel®), versteppt mit beidseitig 80g/m2 reinem Baumwolltrikot (kbA)

  • ideal bei Hausstaub- oder Tierhaarallergien
  • gut geeigent für schnell schwitzende Menschen
  • kühler als Schurwolle

versteppter Innenbezug Hanf (HF)

500g/m2 reines Hanfvlies, versteppt mit beidseitig 80g/m2 reinem Baumwolltrikot (kbA)

Hanf Klimahülle
  • geruchsneutralisierend
  • sehr hohe Feuchtigkeitsaufnahme

Abziehen - Waschen - Aufziehen Wir machen es Ihnen leicht!

Seien wir ehrlich: Matratzenbezüge waschen geht in der Regel nicht locker von der Hand! Der versteppte Bezug ist schwer und meistens groß. Mit Mühe hat man ihn von der Matratze gelöst, da stellt sich heraus: er passt oft in einem Stück gar nicht in die Waschmaschine. Hat man es dennoch – trotz aller Widrigkeiten geschafft – ihn zu waschen, geht der Stress mit dem Trocknen los. Viele Bezüge sind auch gerade wegen Ihrer Untersteppungen nicht für den Trockner geeignet.

Klimaregulation für Allergiker|-innen? Das geht jetzt!

Ein zusätzliches Problem tritt für Allergiker|-innen auf, wenn Sie nicht komplett synthetische Bezüge wählen wollen:
Die meisten für diese Personengruppe angebotenen waschbaren Bezüge sind komplett aus Polyester, Polyamid oder anderem synthetischen Plastikmaterial, sowohl im Obermaterial als auch in der Untersteppung und weit entfernt von gesunder Klimaregulation während des Schlafes. Ein gesundes Bettklima ist gerade auch für Allergiker|-innen ein entscheidendes Plus in Lebensqualität – warum soll man darauf verzichten?

Deshalb haben wir uns was wirklich besonderes ausgedacht. Wir trennen den Oberbezug von der Untersteppung und verpacken die Untersteppung, die für die gute Klimaregulation sorgt, in gutes, reines Baumwolltrikot und fertigen daraus einen Bezug.

Diesen Bezug nehmen wir und beziehen damit den Matratzenkern, natürlich mit einem Reißverschluss, sodass man diesen versteppten Innenbezug auch abnehmen kann.
Er muss allerdings in die Reinigung oder kalt von Hand gewaschen werden.



Die Vorteile des waschbaren Bezuges

  • einfaches Handling
  • teilbarer Reißverschluss, passt auch als Doppelmatratzenbezug in haushaltsübliche Waschmaschinen)
  • maximale Matratzenhygiene durch Trennung von Matratzenbezug und dem versteppten Innenbezug
  • Flexibles Baukastensystem für jeden Schlaftyp
  • Reinigung innerhalb kürzester Zeit möglich
  • sehr gute Klimaregulation
  • ideal für Allergiker|-innen

Choose your personal climate zone
Removable and cleanable!

  • perfect micro-climate in bed due to balanced temperature
  • finest pure new wool from organic husbandry
  • self-cleaning

Climate zone cover SW

500g/m2 organic pure new wool quilting on both sides in a 80g/m2 pure organic cotton jersey fabric

  • perfect micro-climate in bed due to balanced temperature
  • finest pure new wool from organic husbandry
  • self-cleaning
  • ideal for people suffering from dustmite or animal hair allergies
  • pure plant fibre

Climate zone cover BW

500g/m2 pure organic cotton fleece quilting on both sides in a 80g/m2 pure organic cotton jersey fabric

  • ideal for people suffering from dustmite or animal hair allergies
  • pure plant fibre

Climate zone cover TC

500g/m2 pure Tencel® fleece quilting on both sides in a 80g/m2 pure organic cotton jersey fabric

  • ideal for those suffering from a dust-mite or animal hair allergy
  • well suited for people who perspire easily

Remove it - Wash it - Put it back on We´ve made it easy for you!

Let’s be honest: washing a mattress cover is no fun! The quilted cover is heavy and often large and unwieldy. As soon as – with great difficulties - you’ve take the cover off the mattress you realise: it is too big to fit into the washing machine. If, against all odds, you have managed to get it into the machine, you then wonder how you are ever going to get this thing dry. Anyway, a lot of covers - because of their quilting materials – are not suitable to be tumble dried, even in the unlikely event that you could squeeze them into the drier in the first place.

Creating a balanced micro-climate for allergy sufferers We´ve made this possible now!

People suffering from allergies face an additional difficulty if they prefer to have a mattress cover which is not entirely made from synthetic materials. Washable covers offered for allergy sufferers are usually comple-tely made from polyester, polyamide or other synthetic materials. These materials are used for the cover fabric and the quilting material and are a far cry from what makes up a healthy micro-climate during sleep. A balanced and healthy micro-climate in bed is important – particularly for allergy suffers – and contributes to a good quality of life. Why should one ignore this?

We separated the outer cover from the quilted layer and wrapped the quilted layer, which balances the micro-climate of your mattress, in a nice, pure cotton jersey fabric, thereby making a new climate-zone cover.

This cover gets put over the mattress core. Of course, it has a zipper so you can always remove this climate-zone layer.
It can be washed either by hand in cool water or by taking it to the dry cleaners.

The outer cover is made almost exclusively from natural fibres. However, to make it easier to wash and to remove and put back on we have added about 12% PSE and elasthane. This outer cover fits into any washing machine and also any household drier.

Those who definitely do not want any synthetic fibres in their cover, can select our 100% high-purity cotton cover. This cover is lighter in weight and will shrink slightly after the first wash, making it a little bit more difficult to put back on.

Benefits of the washable cover

  • easy handling (wraparound zipper, light, single layer weight, will fit into any household washing machine or tumble drier even in a double size)
  • achieves a maximum degree of mattress hygiene by separating the outer cover from the climate-zone cover
  • flexible modular design to accommodate any sleeping preference
  • always creates the right, healthy and balanced micro-climate
  • ideal for people suffering from allergies
  • can be cleaned quickly

Design of the cover option 3

Used in the natural mattress range NATURAL BASIC

Design of the cover option 5

Used in the natural mattress ranges NATURAL CLASSIC and NATURAL DELUXE

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