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The Divan Bed

The Natural Box Spring Bed
VEGA Special Edition

Another way is possible!

You take good, clean raw materials – such as beech or pine wood – and adapt the construction in such a way that metal springs are replaced with an all-point elastic material - such as 100% natural latex – that can optimally mould to the body’s contours.

Of course, this is more expensive but the benefits of this approach can immediately be noticed: there is no electro-smog caused by metal springs. This is the way we have built our natural box spring bed VEGA. The sub-construction consists of solid pine wood and is comfortably upholstered with latex-coated coconut fibres and pure natural latex.

To optimise the bed’s breathability and help improve the micro-climate in the bedroom we wrap everything in a fleece made from 100% pure new wool. You might not see this as it is hidden under a pure cotton cover but you can feel it straight away. These features, although hidden, are absolutely essential.

Our other divan beds, e.g., STELLA go even further: they do not have a ‘box’ but a frame made from solid beech wood, upholstered with pure new wool and covered in 100% cotton.

You can freely select the cover fabrics and they are always removable and can be replaced or renewed. The special feature of these beds is that you can use them with our Sleep System 7, which can be fine-tuned to your orthopaedic requirements. These beds will look like a conventional box spring bed but are far more adaptable to your orthopaedic needs.

Additionally you can always use these bed frames with regular slats and mattresses so you can change their look from divan bed to conventional frame with mattress. This not only gives you options when it comes to design and visual appearance but also means these beds will grow with and adapt to your body’s needs over time.

Natural beds that offer more!

For more than 30 years dormiente has been developing healthy mattresses and beds. We want all of our products to be good for you and to serve you well for a long time. Of course this also holds true for our divan beds made from natural materials.

Besides using only ‘clean’ materials we also focus - among other things - on issues of functionality when it comes to designing beds. This means that we pay particular attention to things like a comfortable height, the compatibility of the frame with a multitude of slat systems and removable and washable fabric covers.

Recently we have noticed a growing interest in box spring beds, also often referred to as ‘hotel beds’.

This is probably because these beds - by allowing you to choose from various fabric covers that are different in colour and feel – can be very individually designed to suit different tastes and interior schemes. But it is also because these beds tend to have more height and are very comfortable to get in and out of. It is worth keeping in mind though that in most cases their name ‘box spring beds’ is an exact description of what they are: boxes, usually MDF sheets, with metal springs inside.

Healthy sleep on theses conventional ‘boxes with metal springs’, from both an orthopaedic and also electro-biological perspective, is problematic. And this is before we even look at the other materials commonly used in these beds, such as glued chipboard and polyester padding.