Natural mattress NATURAL CLASSIC Orthoform Male

Our series of mattresses NATURAL CLASSIC is our premium line for discerning customers looking for high levels of health and comfort.

Naturally this range fulfils all the requirements with regards to orthopaedic correct sleep, a superb micro-climate, pure and clean, sustainable raw materials of the highest quality, in addition to being electro-biologically neutral.

We have developed this range with particularly those in mind, who wish to improve the quality of their sleep and who look upon comfortable and healthy sleep as a crucial ingredient for a good life. Also for those who value sound and healthy sleep and are not willing to compromise on this.


Our MALE VERSION optimally supports the male pelvic area.

In this version we consciously avoid the deeper incisions in the corresponding section of the mattress.


Measurements technical information (in cm, approx.)

Mattress height 18
Core 100% natural latex (height 15) with 7-zones profile and additional incisions in the shoulder area
Firmness of mattress soft
Firmness of latex either medium or firm
Inner cover tricot made of 100% cotton

Particulary suitable for

  • People who primarily suffer from discomfort in their shoulder area
  • People who are looking for a high level of warmth and cosiness
  • People who primarily sleep on their back or sides
  • Men or women with a very broad shoulder girdle
  • Very light-weight, sensitive people

The plus points of the mattress

  • soft, very responsive mattress with orthopaedic effective incisions in the shoulder area
  • protection of sensitive body parts due to effective distribution of pressure
  • super ‘nesting’ sensation to allow for comfortable, cosy sleep

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