Natural mattress NATURAL DELUXE Solaris

Our natural mattresses NATURAL DELUXE have everything one would expect of a top quality mattress. Thoroughly checked and tested raw materials of the highest quality form the back bone of this range. Traditional manufacturing with the help of high tech equipment does the rest.

These premium and highly functional natural mattresses do not only offer superb comfort but also tick all the other relevant boxes such as orthopaedic criteria, healthy micro-climate, sustainability and electro-biological neutrality.

Healthy sleep meets luxury! And by this we mean extravagant comfort – for body and soul – and not wasteful indulgence. With this line of mattresses we areparticularly aiming at people who put a great emphasis on very comfortable and sound sleep and appreciate how important and valuable this is to their lives.

Measurements technical information (in cm, approx.)

Mattress height 23
Core latex coated coconut fibre (height 5), sandwiched between 100% natural latex (height 7,5)
Firmness of mattress firm
Firmness of latex optionally medium or firm
Inner cover tricot made of 100% cotton

Particulary suitable for

  • people of above average weight (choose latex firmness option firm)
  • all people prefer a firm, yet responsive feel
  • people who sleep on their front

The plus points of the mattress

  • responsive feel on first con-tact due to all-point elasticity of 100% natural latex
  • central mattress core made from highest quality latex coated coir
  • firm mattress with excellent ventilation of the inner core
  • offers firm, yet responsive base to sleep on
  • good warmth and insulation properties
  • effective balancing of moisture levels

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