Natural duvets and natural mattress pads

Healthy sleep under pure natual materials

Choosing the right duvet is an important factor for healthy sleep. Fact is, a duvet determines 70% of the micro-climate in your bed.

The micro-climate is largely dependent on the capacity of the duvet to absorb moisture and steam. The moisture that is released during sleep needs to quickly be absorbed by the environment. Natural hairs and natural fibres are much better at this than synthetic fibres such as polyester or polyamide. This is why you won’t find polyester fleece or such like in our duvets – only natural hairs and fibres, strictly tested for chemical residues and of the best provenance.

Summer, Winter, Trans-seasonal: better sleep with natural duvets

Get the correct duvet for every season: So you can select exactly the right duvet for you, we offer our natural duvets with 3 different levels of filling weight. All our duvets are equipped with poppers so that different duvet types can be combined with each other. Simply attach two duvets to make a new one.

Our natural duvets

NATURAL HANF - The hemp duvet

NATURAL BREEZE - The Kapok cotton duvet

INDIAN SUMMER - The Tencel™ duvet

LHASA - The merinolambswool duvet

LADAKH - The cashmere duvet

LUXOR - The plush camel hair duvet

NATURAL SILK - The wild silk duvet

Our natural mattress pads

LHASA - The merinolambswool mattress pad

NATURAL BREEZE - The kapok cotton mattress pad