The cashmere duvet

Our LADAKH duvet is filled with pure cashmere in a superior quality MAKO cotton cambric cover. This particularly fine wool is harvested from the underbelly down of the cashmere goat and is carefully made into a fleece. Due to its fine hairs cashmere is highly insulating and offers excellent moisture absorption.

A cashmere duvet is unsurpassed in creating a dry and warm sleeping climate. It is particularly recommended for people who feel the cold easily. This duvet is available as an ALL SEASON weight with a filling of approx. 1,200g for a standard 135x200cm size.

Cashmere wool
excellent moisture absorption - better sleep with our natural hair duvet

MAKO cotton

suited for high heat demand

Strictly tested
natural materials and high quality

Quilted pattern
mummy quilting, for outstandingly comfortable sleep

Benefits at a glance

  • finest cashmere goat hair for optimal absorption of moisture and high insulation
  • best insulation capacity, temperature balancing
  • excellent warm and dry sleeping environment
  • beautiful, cosy feeling of volume and comfort
  • strictly tested for chemical residues
  • moulds to your body

Particulary suitable for people

  • who need their duvet to absorb moisture easily and well (due to perspiration) but still like the feeling of cosiness and warmth
  • who place high importance on a superior sleeping environment
  • who value an extremely comfortable sleeping experience

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