The plush camel hair duvet

The finest camel hair is a really special and valuable material. A maximum of 5,000 grams can be collected from one camel in a year. The very fine belly hair is characterized by its superior insulation properties, which means that large differences in temperature can be balanced out effortlessly. Its special and very fine structure makes camelhair the perfect material for creating a cosy sleeping environment with superbly

balanced moisture and temperature levels – ideal for healthy and restful sleep. The outer cover of the LUXOR duvet is made from finest organic cotton satin soft, velvety and very pleasant on the skin. The quilting pattern of this duvet optimally distributes the camelhair filling and allows it to perfectly mould around your body. All materials are thoroughly tested for chemical residues.

Plush camel hair
effortlessly balances temperature differences

Organic cotton
from controlled organic agriculture

Strictly testet
natural materials and high quality

Quilted pattern
mummy quilting, for exeptional body adaptation

Benefits at a glance

  • finest camel hair from the belly for optimal absorption of moisture and high insulation
  • good insulation capacity, temperature balancing
  • beautiful, cosy feeling of volume and comfort
  • strictly tested for chemical residues
  • excellent balanced micro-climate
  • moulds to your body

Particulary suitable for people

  • who want or have to wash their duvets occasionally
  • who are allergic to e.g., animal hairs or dust mites

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