The kapok-cotton mattress pad


on both sides finest 100% organic cotton satin, elasticated bands at the corners

Inner cover

pure 100% organic cotton jersey for quickly expelling moisture

Inner filling

70:30 mix of kapok fibres and pure cotton, washable up to 60°C


the lightest plant fibre on the planet, exceptionally isolating this natural duvet

Organic cotton

from controlled organic cultivation

Strictly tested
natural materials and high quality

Quilting pattern
square pattern, for optimal spreading of filling material inside the natural duvet

Benefits at a glance

  • breathable mattress pad made from pure plant fibre filling
  • strictly tested for chemical residues
  • good capacity to absorb moisture
  • machine washable

Particulary suitable for

  • people who perspire heavily or who want or have to wash their mattress pad occasionally
  • people who are allergic to e.g., animal hairs or dust mites
  • people who like to sleep on a cosy surface
  • use as mattress protector
  • use on youth mattresses

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