Advantages of our natural duvets and natural mattress pads
that let you sleep well & healthy

Natural duvet quilting: Little detail - big impact

For our various natural hair duvets and natural fibre duvets we use differnt quilted patterns. This applies to our natural mattress pads aswell.

Diamond shaped checked pattern

  • suitable for very light-weight plant fibres, e.g. Kapok
  • fibres keep in shape after washing

Mummy pattern

  • lengthwise quilting that ‘seals’ on both sides and keeps you warm
  • optimally moulds to your body because of head/foot zone

Small scaled diamond pattern

  • extra solid quilting for mattress pads
  • very sturdy and hardwearing

Combine your own natural duvet!

All our duvets are equipped with poppers so that different duvet types can be combined with each other.

Simply attach two duvets to make a new one. For the summer you have chosen a light-weight duvet, such as our NATURAL BREEZE SEASON. But for the winter you want something warmer? One, very practical, solution could be an additional LUXOR ALL SEASON camel-hair duvet. Simply attach the two duvets to each other and voilá, you’ve got yourself a new winter duvet. From now on you can use the duvets separately or together, whatever feels right.