Natural Pillows made from Pure Natural Materials

Natural pillows offer more!

Our selection of natural pillows is suitable for individuals with very different requirements. Naturally, in the manufacture of these pillows we adhere to the same criteria and standards when making our mattresses.
We make sure only pure raw materials that are strictly tested for chemical residues are used in our pillows and that an optimally balanced micro-climate is created. Our various types of pillows all support the spine in an orthopaedic effective manner and are all electro-biologically neutral. These are the considerations and values that go into the making of our pillows.

Sleeping in the optimal orthopaedic position with our natural shaped and loose filled pillows

We differentiate between two types of pillows

Loose filled pillows

Loose filled pillows, e.g. with latex flakes or pure new wool balls, have the great advantage of being individually adjustable by you, to your needs and preferences. You simply remove the filling material until you have reached a level of height and density that is evenly balanced and optimally supports your head

Shaped pillows

Shaped pillows are pillows that are made from a mould and can only be minimally adjusted. Therefore they should fit and suit you well straight from the start. They should always be made from a very elastic, flexible material, such as 100% natural latex as used in the dormiente shaped pillows. Less elastic pillows, e.g., those made from foam, are less suitable.

Orthopaedic correct sleeping means the spine is forming an even line in lateral position.

If you sleep on your FRONT, your pillow should be flat rather than voluminous. This is so that you do not over-stretch your cervical spine and put undue pressure on the discs in this area.

If you sleep on your SIDE your pillow needs to be able to bridge the gap between your head and your shoulders, preventing your cervical spine from being over-stretched.

If you sleep on your BACK, a flatter rather than a too voluminous pillow will provide orthopaedic benefits.

Our shaped pillows - 100% natural latex

ERGOPILLO MED - Flexible anatomically shaped pillow

RELAXOPILLO MED - Flat anatomically shaped pillow

PHYSIOPILLO MED - Anatomically shaped pillow with integrated head hollow

ORTHOPILLO MED - Plain design elastic shaped pillow

Our loose filled pillows with adaptable natural fillings

ISOPILLO MED - Our loose filled pillow with kapok fibres and natural latex

FLEXOPILLO MED - Our classic loose filled pillow

TRAVELPILLO MED - Our pillow for traveling

KAPOKPILLO MED - The pillow filled with pure plant fibres

SENSOPILLO MED - The pillow filled with pure new wool

ZIRBENPILLO MED - The pillow filled with natural latex and swiss pine shavings