Physio- and Manual-therapist Christian Büttner about

The correct pillow

A lot of people come to see me because they are suffering from back pain. The causes for this are manifold: too little sport, the wrong type of exercise or insufficient muscle. Apart from an in-depth conversation about the patient’s medical history and the thera-peutic treatments that follow, it is also always crucial to look the environment the patient sleeps in. As an example, one patient reported that he had problems falling asleep and was woken up frequently during the night. He experienced pain during the night and was waking up tense and tired. It was obvious to me, that it was his sleeping environment I needed to address first. Each of us should sleep in an orthopaedic correct position. Sometimes it can be the correct pillow that enables us to wake up in the morning, fresh and free from pain.

Even the size of a pillow is essential. The size of 80x80cm is unsuitable, because it means the shoulders are also resting on the pillow. If you experience a tense, stiff neck when waking up, try switching to an ergonomically shaped neck-support pillow. Also, the filling of a pillow needs to be considered if you want to achieve optimal muscle relaxation for neck and shoulders. A pillow that individually adapts to you is one of the possible means to rid yourself of pain and assure sound sleep. This is why I recommend to my patients to pay great attention to their personal sleeping preferences and the individual properties of a pillow, and if possible, to try out various pillows. In the end, nothing beats trying out a pillow yourself.

There are a number of things to consider when choosing a pillow. On the one hand, the pillow has to be flexible, on the other hand it has to be sufficiently supporting during the many different phases of sleep. This allows the blood to circulate and keeps the cervical spine gently held. As we all have different sleeping habits and preferences, it is important to be clear about what you need and are looking for in a perfect pillow. Experts and sleep counsellors will be able to help you find what is required.

PERSONAL DETAILS: Christian Büttner has been working as a physio-therapist for more than 15 years. His treatment methods are holistically oriented. He has received advanced training in the fields of osteopathy, lymph drainage and sports physio-therapy.

The 40 year old teaches at the Natural Health Practitioner School in Marburg and looks after the National Slovak Handball Men’s Team and the first division team TV Hüttenberg.