Motor Frame ERGO NATURA Swiss Pine Nuanced body contouring with the special effect of swiss pine

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Benefits at a glance

  • Sturdy frame made from solid, untreated beech wood, approx. 14cm (at highest point)
  • 132 freely moving discs over 22 rows (90 x 200 cm)
  • 6 braces to adjust tightness
  • Very nuanced body contouring thanks to freely moving Swiss Pine discs
  • Always two 13mm thick Swiss Pine discs per spring element
  • Position of motor is underneath legs and not the vegetative areas
  • Adjustable into the ideal sitting/reading postion with simultaneous neck adaption
  • With foot-lift to support optimal venous return

Bluetooth remote

  • wireless control via Bluetooth Mains cut-off included
  • emergency lowering
  • motor position under the legs, not in the vegetative body area
  • adjustable to ideal sitting/reading position with simultaneous neck adjustment
  • ideal knee positioning
  • with foot elevation to promote optimal venous return

Particulary suitable for

  • People who enjoy the pleasent resin of Swiss Pine
  • People who require or prefer a very responsive base which can contour to the shape of their body
  • All types of matresses, particulary matresses made from 100% natural latex
  • People who value or require the comfort of motor slats
  • Any sleep positions

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