Motor Slat LORDOSIS - Excellent body contouring in the lower back area

The benefits for this Motor Slat

  • Sturdy frame made from solid, untreated beech wood, height approx. 12 cm (at highest point)
  • 3 sections in the lower back area feature 5-level height adjustment
  • 45 beech-plywood slats on 15 triple spring elements
  • Option to individually adjust firmness in lower back area
  • Shoulder comfort zone
  • Position of motor is underneath legs and not the vegetative areas
  • Adjustable into the ideal sitting/reading position with simultaneous neck adaptation
  • Foot-lift to support optimal venous return

Bluetooth Remote

  • Wireless control via Bluetooth
  • Mains isolation
  • Quick release button

Particularly suitable for

  • All people who require fine body contouring in the shoulder and hip area
  • People suffering from pronounced hollow back
  • People with wide hips that may or may not cause sensitives
  • People who value or require the comfort of motor slats
  • Abdominal sleepers

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