Motor Slat SYSTEM7® - Nuanced body contouring over the entire length and breadth of the bed

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Benefits of this motor slat

  • Position of motor is underneath legs and not the vegetative areas
  • Adjustable into the ideal sitting/reading position with simultaneous neck adaptation
  • Ideal knee contouring
  • With foot-lift to support optimal veneous return

Bluetooth remote

  • Wireless control via Bluetooth
  • Mains isolation
  • Quick release button

Particularly suited for

  • Natural latex mattresses where the responsiveness will be further enhanced
  • People who require an excellent all-point elasticity over the entire length and breadth of their bed, even the centre
  • People who suffer from pressure and sensitivities in the shoulder and hip area
  • People whose body shape has changed rapidly, e.g. during pregnancy
  • People who value or require the comfort of motor slats

Measurements, technical information (in cm, approx.)

Height 17,0
Cover Jersey 60% organic cotton, 28% Lyocell (Tencel®), 12% cotton yarn dyed, approx. 320g/m2, 100% organic cotton drill loops underneath into which wooden slats are inserted, approx. 230g/m2
Wooden slats 1.5cm thick solid beech wood, untreated, finely sanded
Upholstery 100% natural latex, 7.5cm high, 3 elements of firm latex, 2 medium and 2 soft

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[Translate to English:] Motorrahmen SYSTEM7®

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