SYSTEM 7® as slatted base -
the noticable improvement for every natural mattress

SYSTEM7® is the only slat system to offer high all-point elasticity throughout the entire length and breadth of the base. It therefore surpasses almost all other slatted bases in terms of comfort. This slatted base will significantly enhance the performance of pretty much any mattress. Its unique benefits are particularly apparent when used in a double bed: there is no noticeable vertical central gap, also a single piece mattress can be used while still catering for twocompletely different sleeping and comfort preferences. For SYSTEM 7® in 140cm width we recommend to use a bed frame with a middle strut. 

Adjustment for supine and lateral position

Adjustment for prone position

Die SYSTEM 7® lower elements

SYSTEM 7® consists of 7 individual elements, 3 of which are covered with natural latex in a firm density, 4 of which are covered in a soft density. Depending on how these lower elements are arranged, they will be perfectly placed to support your very own individual sleeping positions and preferences.

Individual SYSTEM 7® element

The 100% natural latex core rests on 4 solid wood slats made from untreated beech wood. By removing some of the individual slats it is possible to further fine tune SYSTEM 7®, e.g. to accommodate a very sensitive shoulder or hip area.

System 7® can adjust easily

System 7® scheme sleep on back
System 7® scheme sleep on side
System 7® scheme sleep on front

Measurements technichal information of slatted base (in cm, approx.)

Height 9,0
Cover bonded jersey (68% certified organic cotton, 22% viscose = cellulose, 10% coloured cotton thread), bottom case and pockets for wooden slats made from 100% certified organic cotton drill
Wooden slats solid beech wood (1,5 thick), untreated, finely sanded
Upholstery 100% natural latex (height 7,5)

Particulary suitable for

  • as a slatted base for a natural latex mattress as the overall all-point elasticity is enhanced
  • people who like the surface they sleep on to mould to their body
  • sensitive people with problems in the hip and shoulder areas

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