Wooden Slat BASIC S + KF - The solid, low-priced slatted frame

Benefits of this wooden sprung slatted base

  • Option to individually adjust the firmness level in the lower back area, height approx 7.5 cm (highest point)
  • Sturdy, untreated frame made from solid beech wood
  • Head and foot part can be lifted (only KF)
  • 28 slats on 14 double spring elements
  • Metal-free (only Basic S)
  • Shoulder comfort zone

Particulary suitable for

  • all beds with slat resting ledges and struts (or however at least 3 points along the frame on which the slats can rest)
  • people who are looking for a sturdy and inexpensive slatted base
  • bed frames that have only a restricted slat lowering gap
  • all types of mattresses