No matter where or how you sleep on System 7® – It will always feel just right
All-point elasticy over the entire lenght and breadth

Given the natural shape of the human spine we can distinguish between two main positions during sleep: the ‘side/back position’ and the fundamentally different ‘front position’. SYSTEM 7® can easily and quickly be arranged in a manner that can accommodate either of these positions. You can tell that the spine is optimally supported when it is allowed to rest in a straight position.

System 7®

Maximum comfort whichever way you sleep

SYSTEM 7® is a patented sleep system developed by us. By ‘sleep system’ we mean a unit consisting of weight bearing, support offering lower elements which can adjust to the contours of the body, in conjunction with a specially co-ordinated top mattress. Together they can provide personalised and unsurpassed comfort during sleep. The unique intriguing feature of this sleep system lies in its lower elements. They can be adapted to almost all body shapes and sizes in the simplest and quickest of manners.

System 7®

  • SYSTEM 7® can be individually adjusted to accommodate different sleep positions such as sleeping on the front or on the back/sides
  • SYSTEM 7® can be adjusted to accommodate varying body shapes or weights, e.g. during pregnancy
  • protects sensitive areas such as shoulders or lower back thanks to balanced distribution of pressure
  • medium-soft, responsive sleep system made from 100% natural latex and a 7-part base element
  • high all-point elasticity means pressure is spread evenly
  • uninterrupted sleep thanks to easing of pressure
  • cosy ‘nesting’ sensation and comfortable feel
  • easy to adapt and adjust, easy to look after
  • fits into almost any bed frame
  • excellent support of the body

Particulary suitable for

  • people who like a non-separated surface in a double bed but still want to be able to individually adjust the feel of the mattress. For SYSTEM 7® in 140cm width we recommend to use a bed frame with a middle strut
  • most people who require or like a good level of respon- siveness and support but prefer an overall slightly firmer surface
  • people with sensitivities in the shoulder or hip area
  • all levels of body weight
  • use during pregnancy
  • sensitive people
System 7® element arrangement

The System 7® lower elements
An orthopaedic base

The lower elements in the SYSTEM 7® range are the reason you can adjust this system to your own individual comfort requirements and build. They consist of a 7.5cm thick core of 100% natural latex with high all-point elasticity which can optimally adapt to your body shape. These lower elements can be positioned underneath the top mattress in a way to perfectly reflect your personal needs and preferences. As standard, SYSTEM 7® is supplied with 2 soft, 2 medium and 3 firm lower elements. The firmness of the latex is very visibly woven into the cover material. This makes it easy for you to arrange the elements to suit you.

System 7® lower elements

Individual System 7® element
Individually adjustable

The 100% natural latex core rests on 4 solid wood slats made from untreated beech wood. By removing some of the individual slats it is possible to further fine tune SYSTEM 7®, e.g., to accommodate very sensitive areas such as the shoulders.

System 7® can adjust easily

System 7® scheme sleep on back
System 7® scheme sleep on side
System 7® scheme sleep on front

Measurements technichal information of slatted base (in cm, approx.)

Height 9,0
Cover bonded jersey (68% certified organic cotton, 22% viscose = cellulose, 10% coloured cotton thread), bottom case and pockets for wooden slats made from 100% certified organic cotton drill
Wooden slats solid beech wood (1,5 thick), untreated, finely sanded
Upholstery 100% natural latex (height 7,5)
System 7® top mattress

System 7® Top mattress

We have used a very special incision technique on the core of this mattress. The profiling cuts break down the surface of the core into small sections that can react independently of each other. When a person is lying on this mattress the individual sections react autonomously to what they come into contact with: the body’s contours the body’s weight and the tension that is created by the pressure the body exerts onto the mattress. The result is a wonderfully responsive natural mattress that can transmit the body’s forms to the SYSTEM 7® underneath thereby enhancing the system’s own body contouring capabilities.

System 7® top mattress

Measurements technichal information (in cm, approx.)