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Solid Wood Bed VETERIS_2


dormiente bed frames made from natural woods: form and function in a sophisticated design!

dormiente has been devoted to the topic of healthy sleep for more than 30 years.

It is not only a good mattress and the base it rests on, but also the bed frame itself that significantly affects the comfort we experience during sleep. This is why we offer a large choice of solid wood bed frames. On top of its intrinsic beauty and visual appeal solid wood also contributes to a healthy environment and micro-climate in the bed room. A crucial prerequisite for healthy sleep.

To make our beds we primarily use German wood, such as wild oak, heartwood beech or beech. For wood which is imported from North America, such as walnut or cherry wood, we only use certified suppliers. This way we can be sure the wood comes from sustainable forestry.

In our manufacturing facility in Germany this solid wood is transformed into beautiful and functional bed frames.

We start with a very clear concept: First we design the frame - its function foremost in our minds. Criteria we consider are e.g., the height of the frames for comfortable use and their adaptability to accommodate various slat systems and types of mattress. After initial design plans we start building the prototypes so we can develop and fine-tune the construction elements that guarantee the sturdy and reliable functioning of the frame.

Then our high-tech manufacturing facility takes over making the frames. The finishing touch is the wood surfaces which are being oiled by hand. You will immediately see and feel the quality of this finish and will enjoy our solid wood beds for years to come.