Beech Fagus sylvatica

We use wood from the beech tree, the most common deciduous tree in Germany. To be botanically precise the tree should actually be referred to as Copper Beech because of the slightly reddish hue of the timber. Steam treating intensifies the colour and is done to reduce the propensity of the wood to develop fissures and to distort. Generally beech trees are felled between the ages of 80 to 120 years for timber production.

Heartwood beech

Heartwood Beech is the core wood of the Copper Beech and is characterised by a particularly vivid colour and vein. As the core wood of the beech tree is not always different in colour from the rest of the tree, the latest theory is that a strong vein and colour is a sign that defensive measures were employed by the tree as a reaction to fungal and viral attacks. We appreciate Heartwood Beech for its unique colourings.