Wood care and texture

Wood care

We particularly recommend oil finishing the wood. Partially for aesthetic reasons, because oil brings out the very beautiful surface of naturally grown wood and gives it its very own individual look. The more practical reason is because oil finished wood is easier to repair.

Small dents and scratches can be fixed by gently manually sanding down the wood and then re-applying some oil. If you no longer have the original oil to hand simply use a bit of olive oil and apply with a cloth.

Wood grain

Wood is a natural product. Trees are alive and therefore subject to the effects of the environment they live in. Weather, soil and climatic conditions all leave their impact. Trees need to be able to withstand difficult periods in their life such as drought, excess water or pest infestations. The result is that no two trees are alike, neither in texture nor appearance of their wood.
Wood displays variations in colour and grain and sometimes knotholes are visible. Because of these variations each piece of furniture made from solid wood is unique in its character. Our carpenters have no power over these variations. This is why none of our beds frames look the same, even if they are made from the same type of timber. In order to build some of the bigger size bed frames pieces of wood have to be glued together. In this case differences in the appearance of the wood are unavoidable. This has an impact on the overall look of the bed frame and we feel it enhances the individuality of the piece and its natural beauty and charm.

We thought it important to draw your attention to these facts of nature as it can sometimes be a matter of surprise or irritation when customers are not aware of this. Trees grow as they must and their wood is defined by this. We have no influence over this and we do not accept variations as a valid reason for a complaint. If you prefer a more uniform appearance we suggest you consider synthetic ‘wood’, where a wood like foil is applied to a manmade base. This will give you a more homogenous look.